July 7, 2020
New England Insurance Group

Risk Management

What Is Risk Management Insurance?
Risk management insurance is a type of insurance policy purchased by companies and organizations in an effort to limit any potential damages to their activities. These damages can be infrastructure-based or economic, and are generally identified internally or externally by the enterprise.

An example of risk management insurance could include the location of the business itself. If a company has headquartered itself in an area where earthquakes are prevalent, both the firm and the insurance company will determine the likelihood of the building, company assets, and continued customer base being damaged from an earthquake. It will make assumptions on different levels of damage and determine exact figures on damage estimates. Lukatsky Insurance Group will then issue a policy, which the company will pay to ensure its business is financially prepared for this possibility.

Lukatsky Insurance Group has been proudly providing risk management policies that balance broad policy essentials with niche contingencies. Effective risk management policies should take a wide range of possible scenarios into consideration. It is not enough to simply say you want to opt for a “standard” risk management policy anymore. One size does not fit all. As the number of potential commercial risks continue to develop, so too, should your coverage. Protect your business with outstanding fraud, theft, and injury policies that not only shield your assets, but your employees as well. In addition to these perennial risks management policies, Lukatsky Insurance Group offers a full spectrum of commercial disaster and property protection policies. The future is, by nature, unpredictable – your risk management policy should be anything but.

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